Local Business Growth Hacks for Instagram

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What if I told you that Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users? And believe it or not, 56 percent of Instagram users make more than $50,000 year. Contrary to the notion that Instagram is just a fun site to post pictures and videos, this site can have tremendous benefits when it comes to growing your business, especially small ones. Over time, Instagram has proved to be an Effective platform when it comes to reaching potential customers. However, it’s not easy as it sounds, achieving a significant number of followers will require lots of effort and dedication. But, once you get there it will be worth the hustle. I will tip you off some tips of how you can tap traffic towards your Instagram account and reap off from your business.

Picture of Instagram on a cell phone sitting on a notebook.
Instagram Growth Hacks

1. Run a contest.

This is one of the smartest and sure ways to drive traffic to any social media account. With a little effort, you will have many people following you. Whichever contest you decide, make sure to include a call to action like following, tagging a friend anything to increase your fan base. Most compelling contest include rewards.


2. Great, relevant content works magic.

With so many Instagram users, it’s possible for your account to go unnoticed, what you need is content that draws attention and arouses the urge to know more about what your business is all about. First, know what kind of audience your business targets then tailor the content to something your audience would love. Making your account stick out from the crowd also needs a good design and eye-catching images. One more thing, share your business activities for your followers to get a clear idea what your business entails.


3. Don’t forget to post consistently.

To keep your audience interested, post more often if possible a few times daily. Remember a follower may choose to unfollow if bored.


4. Use the miraculous hashtags.

People always overlook the power of hashtags. However annoying they might be a time they are an integral part of Instagram that can be beneficial if exploited rightly. So how does it work? Spot hashtags that are relevant to your business and use them in your posts. Note, relevant trending hashtags yield results faster.


5. Hijack’ followers.

It’s not as sinister as it sounds neither will it harm the other account. It is simply getting fans from your competition to follow you. Hijacking followers is a clever move because you will not have to guess what content they like because the account is identical to yours. So how do you go about hijacking your competitor account and �divert’ traffic to your account? It’s simple, like a post, follow then leave a comment. Trust me it works.


6. Automate your account.

These days there are Softwares for almost anything. Therefore it’s not a surprise that there are several programs crafted to manage your Instagram account. The likes, comments and follows and also enable you to engage with other users within parameters you set. It’s a great shortcut however it can get your account banned if misused. This is due to their ability to engage more than one user at the same time.


7. Always include a call to action.

Sometimes the easiest way to get people to follow you is to kindly requesting them. Every time you post something, ask people to follow or request your followers to tag friends.

Too many business people, using social media platforms, Instagram included may not sound practical. But, we have to embrace that fact that it’s one of the most efficient ways to market businesses and build clientele using little or no funds. Many people have already realized the potential of Instagram and have used it to their advantage. Why not give it a try?