How To Grow A Facebook Fan Page Following

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How do I grow my Facebook fan page following? This is one of the questions about social media marketing our readers have been asking since the start of this year. If you are one of them, we have posted some of the practical steps you can follow. Whether you are looking to grow a Nashville siding roof repair page or an e-commerce fan page, this article will help you understand the process.

1. Post and share original content

Great content posted regularly on your fan page can attract thousands of followers. People will enjoy visiting your site to read the content and probably share it with their friends. To get started, just research to find out what your Facebook fans like. The next step is to write original and appealing content about the topic. Then, you need to post it for your fans to read and share it with their friends. You can also insert original photos as part of your update where possible. If done regularly, your Facebook fan page name will travel with the content.

2. Create connections with other page admins 

This is an influential way of making powerful connections with other page managers who have the same demographics as yours. The main reason here is to cross-promote each other. Search for pages that attract the same fans as yours, and then write a message to the admins requesting them to perform Facebook cross-promotion. You can also ask the page managers to share your Facebook posts with their audiences. You can also offer to promote their content on your Facebook page’s platform.

3. Link your profile to your page

Most Facebook page managers don’t realize the importance of linking their profiles to their pages. They tend to ignore this important step. Linking your profile to your page is important because it will make it easier for users to find your fan page when going through your personal profile.

To link your profile to your page, go to ‘About’ section and click on the ‘Work and education section’ and then ‘Add a workplace.’ Start typing the name of your Facebook fan page exactly as it is spelled and select it from the drop-down underneath. Fill other spaces and then save the changes.

4. Run a contest

Running a timeline contest is also another great way to grow your Facebook fan page followers. You may incur some costs but this won’t be a problem if you had already formulated a budget for your fan page marketing. There are several apps you can use to run your Facebook contests. Some of the advantages of using these apps are that they are affordable and very easy to set.

The steps of creating a Facebook contest are very easy to follow. Just choose a Prize and Entry Method, build your contest page, promote and Share your contest page, and then monitor your contest.

5. Advertise your page on facebook

Last but not least, you can also advertise your fan page on Facebook to reach more followers. There are a lot of advertising options to choose from to successfully get the best out of the advertisement. For convenience and to get the best out of your content, we could propose you use a sponsored like story. By doing this, you will be able to showcase your page to friends of your current Facebook friends. Such stories can be less costly to run though you may not have any ad copy to turn people into fans.

written by: malon2017